Terry Pratchett introduces SFX 196

The latest issue of SFX is guest edited by author Terry Pratchett - here are his opening words

More book coverage than ever! That’s right, for three months SFX is including extra literary features , such as our ambitious list of the top 100 authors who’ve shaped SF. Look out for the dedicated section starting in issue 196 and follow the little badges throughout the mag. We’re generously supported by Gollancz and if you want to buy any of the books you’ve read about in this issue, we recommend Waterstone’s , either in store or online. But of course the big news is that Terry Pratchett , author of many much-loved novels, has participated in the creation of this issue. Here's a brief excerpt from his introduction:

"My first impression upon arriving at SFX Towers was that regular editor Dave must have quite a cushy job because editing the mag seems to consist of no more than drinking coffee and chatting about Galaxy Quest. He gets paid for this? I just did it for the bacon sarnie. But it was lovely meeting the SFX team who, on the whole, looked more normal than you would expect. We talked through the issue and I instantly shot the person who said that there should be a Buffy retrospective, once was enough! And they obviously all love their Doctor Who. I am in two minds about him, and you can read some of my thoughts on the matter here on the website ; but nevertheless I was happy to agree to have Amy on the cover and an interview with Karen Gillan. But fortunately I was able to persuade them to run features on Blade Runner and my favourite PC game Oblivion: The Elder Scrolls.

"You will also find a feature on the Mob Films adaptation of Going Postal. I have to say that Mob are getting better at Discworld with every movie. Sometimes they miss a detail, but they really make a wonderful effort to get it right and the clacks system they built is everything I could have hoped for. Unfortunately, the whole effect is totally ruined by some amateur actor they allowed in at the last minute. They did the same thing in the previous two. You are allowed to boo him.

"Look out for notes from me dotted throughout the issue, where I’ve felt the need to stick my oar in and tell the team what they should be doing. If you like what you read this month, it was down to me. If you don’t like what you see, then it was SFX’s fault and you should send your hate mail to the usual place. I do."

Terry Pratchett

To read the rest of this, and for the chance to win a massive box load of Pratchett books and goodies , check out issue 196 of SFX on sale today.

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