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Terry Gilliam discusses Watchmen controversy

As part of Terry Gilliam's amazing guest-editorship of this here website, we spoke to him about his incredible career for a very special new video strand called Career In 40 Minutes.

If you read this website, you'll probably already know that Zack Snyder's been in the news recently for saying he did Watchmen to save it from "the Terry Gilliams of this world." Here, Gilliam responds to that statement, and tells us a little bit about what he had planned for the project.

To hear all about that, and how Gilliam's meeting with Alan Moore went, click below - we've handily provided a chapter link to that section of the video.

Then, go back, and watch the thing from the start.

You'll hear Terry talk about all of his incredible films, as well as Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight , Quentin Tarantino, the time he nearly directed Harry Potter, and so much more.

But anyway, here's Terry on Watchmen . Enjoy!

The Zero Theorem, his great new film , is in cinemas Friday.