Terminator: Resistance PS5 upgrade delayed due to "additional work on Sony's side"

Terminator: Resistance
(Image credit: Reef Entertainment)

The free PS5 upgrade for Terminator: Resistance Enhanced, a tuned-up version of the 2019 FPS, has been delayed.

Developer Reef Entertainment announced the delay in a recent blog post: "As Enhanced was developed after the release of the PS4 version, we have recently been informed that there is some additional work that needs to be done on Sony's side to ensure that the upgrades from PS4 to PS5 happen smoothly," it reads. "As of the moment, we have not been given a final date on when Sony will be able to complete this. As a result, there is a strong possibility that the PS4 to PS5 upgrade will not be available for the launch of Terminator: Resistance Enhanced on April 30th and will follow a short time later." 

This is one of very few new-gen upgrades to be delayed on an individual basis – rather than the whole game being delayed, and it's also a rare instance of a game being pushed back specifically due to something "on Sony's side." It's easy to imagine why games or updates may be delayed given the state of the world and the games industry, but the circumstances here do make you wonder about the development pipeline for your average new-gen upgrade. 

When Alex played Terminator: Resistance way back in 2019, he called it the best Terminator game he'd ever played, and also the worst game he'd played that entire year. Suffice it to say, it's a mixed bag, but it is a visual treat for diehard Terminator fans, and with a 4K / 60 FPS refresher, it should look sharp on PS5. 

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