Terminator: Genesis loses financial backer

Megan Ellison’s Annapurna Pictures, the production company that got the ball rolling on the next instalment of the Terminator franchise has dropped out as a co-financier and will no longer help to fund the film.

However, Terminator: Genesis will still be funded by David Ellison’s (Megan’s brother) Skydance Productions and distributor Paramount Pictures.

According to Deadline , Skydance will put up two-thirds of the film’s budget with Paramount making up the rest.

The departure of Annapurna Pictures from the project comes as a surprise seeing as the company fought for the rights to the franchise in 2011, beating out Lionsgate. However, the reason for the company dropping out seems to be down to the film being at odds with its usual output, which has recently included The Master, Her and American Hustle .

Megan Ellison said “We love this project and the direction it is going in, but for now Annapurna’s primary focus is to produce independent films”.

Terminator: Genesis is being directed by Alan Taylor, And Emilia Clarke and Jason Clarke have signed up to play Sarah and John Connor. Arnold Schwarzenegger will also be returning as the Terminator.

The film is slated to be released on 26 June 2015.