TemTem is a Pokemon-like MMO coming to Steam next month

(Image credit: Crema/Humble Bundle)

If you prefer to catch 'em all in the presence of other like-minded creature-catchers in an open, shared world, look out for TemTem, a Pokemon-style MMO coming to Steam on January 21.

To be clear, TemTem is not a Pokemon game, nor is it being developed by Game Freak, but it's unabashedly inspired by the franchise. Even the official Steam description labels TemTem a "massively multiplayer creature-collection adventure inspired by Pokemon." Reading the description and watching gameplay footage certainly rings some bells, but it's the MMO aspects that distinguish TemTem as more than a Pokemon clone.

While Pokemon Sword and Shield took one small inspiration from the MMO genre with the open-world Wild Area, that's where the similarities end. TemTem, on the other hand, exists in an online shared-world where you'll team up, chat, and do battle with other trainers, customize your character and home, and of course "catch every TemTem."

TemTem is being developed by Madrid-based studio Crema and published by Humble Bundle. Early Access will be exclusive to PC, but Crema has plans to release TemTem on Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One at a later date. What you'll get in Early Access includes three islands to explore, 76 TemTems to catch, and a 20-hour campaign. Naturally, Crema plans to build out each of these aspects substantially before the game gets a full release.

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Jordan Gerblick

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