Temtem console versions planned for spring 2021 with cross-play and cross-save

A gathering of Temtem creatures
(Image credit: CremaGames)

The Temtem console versions have a release window, and it sounds like you'll have an easy time keeping your team together across whichever platforms you play on.

Developer CremaGames laid out its current, rough plans for the Temtem consoles version in the second part of its Temtem roadmap. The bad news is that Temtem probably won't be playable on consoles until version 1.0 goes live in spring 2021, according to the current plan. The game's Kickstarter listed plans for PS4, Switch, and Xbox One releases, though the developers didn't know at the time that both PS5 and Xbox Series X will be out by then.

The good news is that when the console ports do arrive, current players should be able to pick up right where they left off with full cross-play and cross-save support. CremaGames says cross-platform multiplayer is "technically simple" to achieve as long as platform holders remain open to it. While retaining saves across systems is more complicated - especially because the game currently has no account system of its own -  the studio is "pretty confident" that it will be able to make it happen.

There are no planned progress resets between the early access version of the game and the full release, so you'll hopefully be able to roll right into 1.0 and impress all the newbies in the Prasine Coast with your mythical Temtems.

With all that said, CremaGames doesn't want these publicly announced plans to be treated as gospel. There's a strong likelihood that dates and features will shift as it keeps working on Temtem. That goes double for plans as significant as the 1.0 release and console ports, with all the moving parts that have to fall into place for them to happen.

If you're waiting for the Temtem console versions to arrive, there are plenty of other games like Pokemon that you could try in the meantime.

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