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Tekken 6

The most popular 3D fighting game in the world has returned with a bang, a kick and a furious punch combo!

Tekken 6 is the latest entry in the classic series loved by fight-sim fans since 1994.

15 years is a long time in the computer games world, and Tekken has come a long way since those grey PlayStation days;

With gorgeous visuals that tick along at 60Hz, motion blur to keep the action fluid and more colour and dazzle than you'll see in any other fighting game to date, Tekken 6 is the most advanced fighting game ever released!

This time around there are a staggering 41 brawlers who cover everything from real fighting styles (taekwondo, ju-jitsu) to the obscure (drunken kung-fu, sumo wrestling) to the absurd (ninjas and fighting pandas?!).

Tekken 6 features;

• Easy to play and understand - you won't have to give up your day job to learn all the moves – but you might want to!

• ‘Bound’ – a brand new combo-system which allows you to slam your opponent to the floor (or through it!) to rack up the damage.

• ‘Rage’, which boosts your attacks just before you're about to lose - giving you the chance at a dramatic comeback.

It is this attention to detail that has made the Tekken series on top all these years and Tekken 6 is a sequel worthy of the name.

With the jaw-dropping graphics, huge stable of fighters and online capability, what are you waiting for? The King of Iron Fist Tournament is about to begin!