Tekken 3D Prime gets US and Euro release dates

Namco Bandai and Nintendo have announced a February 2012 release date for Tekken 3D Prime Edition. US players will get the chance to set extremely wrong-headed priorities when the game releases on Valentine's Day. The European version releases on the 17th, doubtless because Namco realized those Continentals know themselves some romance and wouldn't buy anything on Feb 14 that wasn't pink, sweetly-scented or moderately alcoholic.

Besides featuring all 40+ characters from 2009's Tekken 6, the Prime Edition supports Wi-Fi brawling, offering an instant plethora of potential adversaries. This also offers Tekken-illiterate significant others the chance to pick Eddy Gordo, mash all the buttons and force a tie, all without the threat of a physical confrontation from which you might have to extract them. And then you can curl up and watch the cart's 3D presentation of Tekken: Blood Vengeance, because romance is alive!