Tekken 3D Prime Edition announced for 3DS, includes Tekken Blood Vengeance

The premier of Tekken Blood Vengeance 3D is over(it was only one day long), but there's still at least one way to catch this full-length feature fist-fest of a film. The game Tekken 3DS will include a copy of Tekken Blood Vengeance 3D — it's a bit of a smaller screen, but if you look closely you'll still get a full-size helping of awesomeness and radballs.

The movie fills in story between Tekken 5 and 6, finally revealing a bunch of stuff. Alisa's true nature comes to light and the mystery of the M gene project is uncovered. More importantly, there is cgi fighting and there's no other way to see it.

Along with the movie, Tekken 3DS has a game that will feature about 40 characters fighting in both new and classic stages. The Prime Edition will support online battles over WiFi. You can check out more of Tekken 3DS in the trailer below.

Aug 17, 2011