Team Asobi is growing and confirms it's working on a new game

Astro's Playroom Team Asobi DualSense
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Team Asobi, the developer behind Astro's Playroom, has announced that its development team is getting bigger and a new game is in the works.

As shared in a PlayStation Blog post, Team Asobi has announced that it is growing and revealed its new logo and social media channels. The Tokyo-based studio recently released Astro’s Playroom for the PS5 which made use of the DualSense controller's immersive features.

The studio confirmed that while it is growing and "challenging bigger things" it still wants to bring "PlayStation magic, innovation and put smiles on your faces with fun, colorful games for all ages." The studio was formed back in 2012 and worked on tech demos for the PS4 to showcase what it was capable of. The studio's name comes from the Japanese word, Asobu which means "To play" and was branded into Asobi.

The studio is the newest internal studio at PlayStation Studios and seems to be focused on "exploiting a cool new controller in surprising ways or packing humorous animations in every nook and cranny."

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Team Asobi is currently working on another project, although details haven't been revealed as of yet. It is teased that it will be doing more work with the DualSense controller and "continuing to enjoy experimenting with it at this very moment." It's also noted that while the team enjoys all types of games, a particular focus included "platformers that deliver that second-to-second joy".

The new logo for Team Asobi moves away from its Sans Serif style and adopts a more bubbly and colorful font that includes an Astro Bot head within the text. It has also launched a new Twitter account and Instagram account.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission released back in 2018 and made use of PlayStation's PSVR. In 2020, former creative director, Nicolas Doucet was promoted to studio director, and later that year saw the release of Astro's Playroom. The game was originally meant to be a tech demo but was developed into a full game. One of the Platinum Trophies in the game seems to point toward a sequel, and given that the studio is currently working on something new, we could see a new Astro title on the PS5.

If you're still yet to play the game, here are 7 reasons why Astro's Playroom should be the first thing you play on the PS5.

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