Astro's Playroom Platinum trophy could be teasing a sequel

Astro's Playroom
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The Platinum trophy for on of the PS5 launch games, Astro's Playroom, could be hinting at a potential sequel. The award's description, as noticed by Resetera poster Sn00zer, hints that a follow-up might already be in the works.

The trophy - already claimed by 6.2% of players and dubbed 'You've Only Done Everything' - is awarded to players who have "found all trophies in Astro's Playroom," as is tradition for all PlayStation trophies. However, the description also reads "see you in our next adventure," suggesting that there's more on the way from Astro and friends.

Rumours of some kind of follow-up project have been swirling for a while. Earlier this month, Nicolas Doucet, creative director at developer Team Asobi, told PlayStation Blog readers that "Astro will be back with news soon." Elsewhere, some players have spotted that the game's trophy list made reference to DLC trophies, despite the fact that no additional content has been announced so far.

While there's no official word on more from Astro, all that evidence adds up to suggest some kind of add-on seems pretty likely, although when and how we might get to experience it remains to be seen. Astro's Playroom came auto-installed on the PS5 at no extra cost, so DLC or even a sequel seems pretty likely to follow suit in that regard, although until we get confirmation from Sony or Asobi, that's just speculation. 

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