Astro's Playroom will take full advantage of the DualSense hardware

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Astro's Playroom is going to come pre-loaded onto every PS5, and it's going to have plenty of content to keep every PlayStation fan satisfied. In a post on the PlayStation blog, the team behind the title went in-depth on all of its features. The game, developed by Team Asobi, features the titular intergalactic hero Astro as he travels through the world of the PS5. 

Astro's Playroom isn't just any launch day game, however. It's specially designed to showcase the full scope of the PS5 controller and all of its many new features. This includes the haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, motion sensor, mic, speaker and the controller's touchpad. Players can expect a world of exciting new experiences and game design courtesy of the controller's improved hardware.

Just one example of this gameplay is in the SSD Speedway stage, where Astro will board a rocket ship with thrusters that are controlled by the controller's adaptive triggers. The more pressure applied to the triggers, the more the player can feel the force of the individual jets. 

Players can also look forward to a major celebration of the PlayStation and its history in the game. The gameplay sees you collecting consoles, accessories and controllers that will all be stored in the museum-like PlayStation Labo in the game's hub. There will also be nearly 100 puzzle pieces for players to collect, with the final result being a fresco of the PlayStation timeline from the '90s until today. 

There are also plenty of PlayStation-flavored cameos sprinkled throughout the game. This will take the form of the game's bots reenacting iconic moments from PlayStation's history with special costumes.

Fans can look forward to plenty of PlayStation tributes and nostalgia when Astro's Playroom launches alongside the PS5 on November 12. 

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