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TalkRadar 56 - mystery and science

Top 7... game legends we never want to hear again (opens in new tab)– well, let’s hear them one more time so we can have a podcast this week.

Prototype, inFamous stupidness continues (opens in new tab)– so we have Giant Bomb’s Brad Shoemaker hop on Skype and help us sort it all out.

Win a FREE copy of InkHeart (opens in new tab)– tell us which videogame story you never want to appear in, win a DVD of what we guess is technically the fourth Mummy movie.

Win a FREE Futura Gamer’s Desk! (opens in new tab)– whoever has the saddest, most disorganized laptop work area wins this handy desk. Make with the pictures!

We’ve got TWENTY RiffTrax DVDs for ya! (opens in new tab)– all you have to do is make fun of other people’s work!

Question of the Week (opens in new tab)– What’s your nerdiest gaming moment? What game or series made you totally geek out every time?

Above: Charlie and the Barrattones has a six-album recording deal thanks to Aeshir

Above: ELpork spent the week blending the finest sweat and musk for his first batch of TalkRadar cologne

Above: Did you know Chris Antista smells like pizza? ChrisAntistaSmellsLikePizza sure did

Above: “They’re Pac-Man ghosts you son of a bitch!” brought to life thanks to the tireless efforts of rafa_slash

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Post date: June 19, 2009
T-Dar 56 length: 2:50:58
Quote of the week: But does UFC have a wife arm?
Intro song by: Anamanaguchi
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