TalkRadar 198 - Shocking revelaitons (sic)

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Sooner or later we'll have a podcast that doesn't have to deal with unfortunate news about GR, but this isn't one of them. But to soften the bad news about our community, we have special Brett, guest Elston. Oops, we mean special guest, Brett Elston. The Capcom employee kept us company as we spoke about cheerleaders, and reviews including Kingdoms of Amalur and Resident Evil Revelations. Join us, won't you?

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Hoo boy... So yes, in case you didn't know, our forums were closed this week for a number of reasons too boring to communicate. You'll hear more about it on the show, but the bottom line is they're gone, though we hear from the community planners that new stuff is being planned. We're hardly happy about it, but the show must go on.

For obvious reasons, we'll be doing replies to the question of the week in the comments from now on. Our QOTW today is "What is your fondest Simpsons video game memory?"

And should you still like to pass along fan art (we really do appreciate it), send a message to @GamesRadar on Twitter with the hashtag #TDARFANART. Here's our most recent submission from codystovall:

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