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Take your first look at Marvel's Jessica Jones

The first images from the new Netflix TV show, Marvel's Jessica Jones have been released online, featuring Krysten Ritter and the rest of the cast.

With Marvel's Daredevil becoming a straight-to-Netflix hit, everyone's got their eye on the studio's next superhero TV show for the streaming service - Marvel's Jessica Jones.

Starring Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23 actress, Krysten Ritter in the title role, the show sees Jessica Jones trying to return to her life as a detective in New York after a failed attempt as a superhero.

The new images also give us a first look at bad guy Zebediah Kilgrave (played by Doctor Who's David Tennant), upcoming Marvel hero Luke Cage (played by The Following's Mike Colter), as well as co-stars Carrie-Anne Moss and Trish Walker.

Check out the pictures below...

Marvel's Jessica Jones hits Netflix on November 20 2015. Watch the teaser trailer below...

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