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This Taco Bell-exclusive gold PS4 will cost you at least 1,000 calories

A special golden PS4 will soon be available in the US, and you might want to steel yourself: it won't just impact your wallet, but your stomach as well. This PS4 is part of a Taco Bell-exclusive promotion in which the fast food chain will give away one special edition console that comes with matching gold controller, a year of PlayStation Plus, and Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (opens in new tab) every 10 minutes from September 24 to November 4.

To enter, you just need to get a code and check if it's a winner. The easiest way to obtain said code is by purchasing a Big Box Meal, but just like the previous two years' contests (that's right, this isn't the first time Sony and Taco Bell have joined forces), you should be able to get a code for free by submitting a request online or by mail. Here are the official rules (opens in new tab) for reference.

A Big Box meal costs $5.00, and though the contents change throughout the year, the current Dare Devil Loaded Griller Big Box (which comes with a Loaded Griller, Burrito Supreme, Crunchy Taco, and medium drink) clocks in at around 1,080 calories - more depending on which flavor of griller you get, less if you go for water instead of a soda. So, assuming you spent as much money on the Big Box meals as you would on a PS4 ($400 before tax), that would be …

86,400 calories. Even spread evenly across the 42 days of the contest, that's approximately 2,057 Taco Bell-sponsored calories per day. Yeesh. But then again, that paint job sure is pretty ...

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