Survival tips for playing Overwatch Mystery Heroes


For those of you who don’t main Bastion, the primary rule is the same as it is for real estate: location, location, location. All you need to do is find a corner where enemies will walk past, ideally one with few places for someone to attack you from behind or above. Plunk down in your turret form and wait.


Hanzo can be played as a very traditional sniper: hang on the back line and pick off enemies with carefully placed headshots. But if that playstyle makes you bored, he does have the option to be a little more aggressive. The trick to staying alive on the front line is to take advantage of his double jump to escape situations where you’re outmatched. Also, in contained spaces, take advantage of that scattering arrow.


The explosives expert is a ultimate bringer of mayhem. He’s all about the ricochet. Bounce his grenades off walls with the finesse of a pool player and your results will speak for themselves. One important note: although Junkrat’s Concussion Mine won’t harm him, the grenades that are his main ammunition will. That means you can accidentally kill yourself if a grenade bounces back to you while at very low health.


As you might expect of this earnest scientist, Mei is a great team player. While a tank or offense character distracts your target, you can freeze them solid. Land a headshot on the frozen target. Repeat until target rage quits. If you’re left solo, then focus on zoning away attackers with the ice wall and try to duck out of their vision while you chill them out.


Treat Torb as you would Bastion. Slam down your turret at some out of the way vantage point that has a direct line of sight to the payload or the capture point. If you’re not really confident with his shotgun weapon, then you can always turtle up with your turret and keep it healthy. Nothing wrong with being lazy in this mode.


Although Widowmaker does have the potential to use her rifle as a short-range weapon, she shines brightest as a pure sniper. Overwatch’s hitboxes are more generous that the average first person shooter’s, so you can still be a threat even if this isn’t usually your preferred class. When you look down the scope, it takes a few seconds to fully charge a shot. Immediately pulling the trigger will still do a lot of damage, but she’s at her most “one shot, one kill” lethal if you can take that little bit of time.

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