Surprisingly simple Pokemon Legends: Arceus tip is great for getting past aggressive Pokemon

Pokemon Legends Arceus
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Getting around aggressive Pokemon in Pokemon Legends: Arceus can be a pain, but this quick and easy trick gets the feisty little buggers off your back almost instantly. 

As dutifully shared to the Pokemon Legends: Arceus subreddit by JustDandyMayo, you can get aggressive Pokemon to leave you alone simply by engaging them in battle and walking away from the fight. They'll follow you for a couple of seconds, but after that the game will tell you that you "strayed too far from the battle" and the sequence will end, returning your Pokemon to their Pokeballs and the aggressor to its normal, decidedly more chilled-out temperament. 

The overall response to JustDandyMayo's handy tip has been one of gratitude, with one Reddit user turning it into a meme. For the uninitiated, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is crawling with Pokemon (as to be expected), many of which want you dead (not so expected). And since the world is so big, you naturally come across these killer Pokemon often on your journey to various quests, which can get pretty dang annoying when you're eager to reach the next quest marker.

One word of caution to note from our own experience with this tip: be sure to send out your Pokemon with the most HP and resistance to the aggressive Pokemon when engaging in battle, as if you aren't lucky enough to get first attack rights you could lose one of your Pokemon to a single attack, especially if the other Pokemon is an Alpha. You can always go back to camp and rest up to revive it, but that kind of defeats the purpose of the whole time-saving trick.

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