Surprise XBLA game deployed

Aug 19, 2007

The unnecessarily long-named Super Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix was already on the cards for XBLA this week, but Microsoft has surprised us with Streets of Rage 2, which is also available for download from this morning. Aren't we lucky, eh?

The Sega retro bruiser costs the usual 400 Microsoft points ($5 or £3.40, depending on where you live),which gets you the emulated Mega Drive (Genesis)game with online co-op and the usual achievement and Gamerscore mischief.

It's also cheaper than the Virtual Console version, in case the extra few bucks makes a difference for you.

Super Puzzle Fighter on the other hand, the popular Street Fighter spin-off looks a bit rubbish for a "HD Remix," but it's still as addictive as we remember. We're sure plenty of block-eyed puzzle fans will hand over their cash for the online modes alone.