Destiny 2's latest live event is making big changes to the Traveler

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Update: Corroborating recent speculation, Bungie seems to be making some big changes to The Traveler with Destiny 2's latest live event, which is now live and giving players quite the show from the Tower. Furthermore, players can jump into a new event mission that gives an emblem for completion. You'll find it in the Tower Director where the Haunted Forest used to be.

As pointed out by Twitch partner and Twitter user Fitzy, the Traveler looks very different when looking at the Director now compared to the version Bungie previewed for Beyond Light. Gone is the fractured sphere we usually see suspended low over the earth, and in its place stands (floats?) a repaired Traveler. And if you're watching now, you'll notice the suspended fragments from the Red War campaign start to return to the sphere, which all but confirms rumblings that Beyond Light would see the Traveler heal itself ahead of its clash with the Darkness.

As Destiny 2's pre-Beyond Light mini-event continues, players are reporting widespread server issues owing to the influx of players trying to log in. Over at the Bungie help desk Twitter, the studio is keeping everyone informed of maintenance updates and error codes. Also be sure to check out for a live account of server status, which should give you a good idea of what to expect for tonight and tomorrow.

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Destiny 2 will host a small end-of-season event to conclude the Season of Arrivals and kick off Year 4 with a bang.

Creative director Luke Smith teased the event over the weekend, and community manager dmg04 offered some details on Twitter earlier today. The event will start today, November 9, at around 6:50pm PST / 9:50pm EST / 2:50am BST, and it sounds like it will be a quick one. You'll want to hop on about three hours earlier to download the patch for the event, though. 

Dmg04 described it as "a small event, a moment for you to spend some time with friends as the season comes to a close." In other words, don't expect another micro-calamity like the last live event, which saw Rasputin shoot down the Cabal Almighty over the course of an hour and change. This one will be a bit more tame, and will seemingly last around 10 minutes. 

We're curious to see what Bungie has planned, and the fact that it's hosting an event like this at all is exciting. The studio said it would continue to host live events in the future, and this will be the first "small event" under its belt. The Almighty event, while not perfect, was a fun moment for the community, and it'd be great to see more like it in the future. Here's hoping today's event delivers a memorable sendoff for the Season of Arrivals, as it'll be the last event before the release of Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Here's a quick primer on the lore going into Beyond Light, and why the expansion is shaping up to be a huge story moment. 

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