Supreme Commander shots

THQ has released a few new shots of its futuristic real-time strategy game Supreme Commander, which illustrate the diversity of terrain we'll be able to expect from the game when it's released early next year.

The game is set in the 37th Century in a world torn apart by three warring factions - and developer Gas Powered Games has created a world map that is 4,000 square kilometers in size. Whoa.

The sheer scale of the game can be seen in this selection of the screens which show almost satellite-style shots of wetlands, deserts and tundra, followed by close-ups on some units going about their business. Try spotting the units on the zoomed out pics - it's a bit like an RTS Where's Waldo.

In order to make the most of this size, the game will support play on two monitors so gamers can keep an eye on the world map at the same time as sending units into battle.

The importance of scale also affects the military units as those that can strike from distance, such as submarines and artillery. Ranged weapons can have a huge influence on any campaign, especially as it's hard to creep up on an enemy in Supreme Commander. We'll bring you more details as satellite intel comes in.

August 01, 2006