A guide to Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS's many alternate costumes

Red: Like adult Link, the toon version is wearing the Goron Tunic.
Blue: Ditto for the Zora Tunic.
Purple: His purple outfit from Four Swords.
Green/Brown: Link's outfit from Link to the Past.
Black: A toon edition of Dark Link.
Dark Purple: --
Dark Green: The hero's outfit from Link Between Worlds.


Boy 1: Because Animal Crossing figures are so moddable, each alt is from a specific Animal Crossing item. This is the No. 1 Shirt...
Girl 1: Here's the Daisy Tee.
Boy 2: This is the Racer 6 Tee. Girl 2: The Turnip Dress.
Boy 3: A Blue Tie-Dye Tee.
Girl 3: The Rugby Tee.
Boy 4: Four-Ball Tee.
Girl 4: And Lime Dress.

Wii Fit Trainer

Blue Male: Half of Wii Fit Trainer's looks are mirrored by the boy version.
Green: --
Green Male: --
Red: --
Red Male: --
Yellow: --
Yellow Male: --


Red: Yoshi has a ton of different colors that were introduced in his first appearance in Super Mario World. All the colors merely reference those.
Dark Blue: --
Yellow: --
Pink: --
Light Blue: --
Purple: --
Black: --


Crimson: This is how the character looks in her earliest NES appearances.
Purple: The purple dress she wears in the concept art for A Link to the Past.
Pink: Zelda's dress from Ocarina of Time.
Green: --
Black: A tribute to Hilda from Link Between Worlds?
White/Pink: Her actual outfit from A Link to the Past.
White: --

Zero Suit Samus

Blue/Black: The costume unlocked at the end of Metroid Prime 2.
Pink: --
Black: --
Yellow/Green: --
White: --
Orange Shorts: Her outfit from the end of Metroid: Zero Mission.
Blue Short: Her other outfit from the close of Zero Mission.

All the colors of the rainbow

That's our preliminary list of all the alternate colors. Be sure to come back soon when we'll have this updated with the full list of alt colors, even for the unlockable characters.

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