Where to find Super Mario Odyssey’s hint art and how to solve them

Those of you wanting a bit more culture in Super Mario Odyssey, we have some good news and some bad news. Good news is there are bits of art all around each Kingdom after you complete the main story. Bad news is that we’re not talking Leonardo Da Vinci or Sandro Botticelli or Frieda Kahlo - we mean the pieces of hint art that give you a clue about where super secret Power Moons are hiding in each Kingdom. So without further ado, here’s where you can find the hint art, which kingdom they’re pointing you to, and what you need to do to get the Power Moons. 

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1. Moon audience

Where you can find the hint art: Cap Kingdom - Once you’ve beaten the Broodal boss and saved the town, head down to the Central Plaza and look at the side of the Sometimes Bridge, where you’ll find the art on the side.

Where you can find the moon: Moon Kingdom - After you’ve defeated Bowser

The solution: Get off the Odyssey, then head towards the crowd of characters sitting looking at Earth from afar. Simply ground pound in the space just behind the ridge the Lochlady is sitting on to find the Power Moon. 

2. Top hat 

Where you can find the hint art: Mushroom Kingdom - It’s inside Peach’s castle, on the wall on the right of the main staircase leading up to the throne. 

Where you can find the moon: Cap Kingdom

The solution: Run to the bridge that leads you to the Central Plaza, and stand on top of the first of the two large bumps on Glasses Bridge. Find the spot which perfectly aligns the moon behind Top Hat tower, and ground pound right there to get the Power Moon. 

3. Walking Koopa and bushes 

Where you can find the hint art: Wooded Kingdom - Once you’re off the Odyssey, head straight forwards between the two trees, then head round the back of the tree on your left. 

Where you can find the moon: Sand Kingdom

The solution: Yes, we know it has the Walking Koopa in the image but you don’t have to go to him to find the Power Moon. Instead, warp to the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower, and jump off the North side. Run past the hole created by the inverted pyramid, straight towards the four cactus balls and then veer right towards the two bushes. Ground pound right in front of them to dig up - yep, you guessed it - a Power Moon. 

4. Keep 

Where you can find the hint art: Seaside Kingdom - go to the left of the Odyssey and head towards the ledge near the green pipe. Jump up onto the ledge and follow it all the way around to find the art. 

Where you can find the moon: Metro Kingdom

The solution: It doesn’t get much easier than this. Warp to the Main Street Entrance, then run forward till you see KEEP CLEAR painted on the road. Ground pound above the two E’s to unearth a Power Moon. 

5. Shadow 

Where you can find the hint art: Dark Side - Jump up to the third level of the middle island, and run round behind the pile of fruit on your right. There you’ll find the hint art. 

Where you can find the moon: Lost Kingdom

The solution: From the Odyssey, head behind the Hint Toad with the blue and white head. Cross over the overgrown section of forest, until you’re at the edge where the dark soil meets the red sand. Run to the left until you get to a V-shaped section of dark soil that’s on top of the red sand, in between two rocks. There will be a triangular shadow cast over this bit of soil - ground pound here for a Power Moon. 

6. Columns

Where you can find the hint art: Dark Side - It’s on the ledge below the electricity line to the next island - look for it on the right-hand side of the wall, behind the big pile of grey fruit. 

Where you can find the moon: Lake Kingdom

The solution: Warp to the Water Plaza Display Window, swim out of the exit to the right of the flag and float down towards the entrance to the bottom level. Go inside the dome and run towards the right. Behind the Talkatoo is the stump of a pillar. Ground pound the right side of it, and boom! You’ve got yourself a Power Moon. 

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7. Green squares 

Where you can find the hint art: Dark Side - Behind the clump of fruit on the Southern half of the first platform, in the bottom right-hand corner. 

Where you can find the moon: Mushroom Kingdom

The solution: Head to the North-East from the Odyssey and go up a hill until you get to a very carefully manicured square garden (it’s to the left of a tower with a turreted roof). Run to the far side, and stand behind the bush on your right if you’re facing the Odyssey. Ground pound in middle of the grass behind it. 

Next, run down the path that’s placed through the middle of the garden and follow the left-hand path all the way down until you’re behind the outer circle of bushes nearest to the turreted tower (you’re in the right place if you’re by the bushes where there are three coins to collect). Ground pound in the middle of this section of bushes. 

Last bit! Run back onto the path to your right, and go straight forward past the gardener Toad. Once you get to the outer section of bushes, ground pound on the path inbetween the two bushes. There you’ll find a Power Moon!

8. Parrot, binoculars, parasol 

Where you can find the hint art: Dark Side - On the Eastern side of the platform that the binoculars is sitting on.

Where you can find the moon: Seaside Kingdom

The solution: Run across the beaches to the Talkatoo. Once you’re in front of him, head north until you get to the binoculars on the farthest side of the map. Then head east until you get to Hot Spring Island. Climb on top of it and if you can see three parasols on its uppermost level, you’re in the right place. Head south from the island towards the two pillars in the distance. Ground pound in between them to get yourself a Power Moon. 

9. Luncheon Kingdom spot the difference

Where you can find the hint art: Dark side - On the platform below the electricity line to the next island, on the left-hand side of the northern wall. 

Where you can find the moon: Luncheon Kingdom

The solution: Warp to Peronza Plaza, and run towards the giant bubbling blue stewpot. Go behind it, and find the pillar that’s third from the easternmost corner (it’s a fully-sized one, not a stump) and to the south of the stewpot. Ground pound in front of it to grab a Power Moon. 

10. Helipad

Where you can find the hint art: Dark Side - On the northern section of the left-hand side pile of fruit on the first platform.

Where you can find the moon: Metro Kingdom

The solution: Warp to the Heliport at the north of the map. All you have to do is ground pound on the top of the yellow rectangular section that’s on the right of the giant H, and you’ll have a Power Moon! 

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