Somebody made a working calculator in Super Mario Maker 2 and it's so beautiful

A frighteningly resourceful Super Mario Maker 2 player has built a functional calculator out of blocks, Bob-ombs, and Buzzy Beetles, and you can play it right now. The Cluttered Chaos-Calculator 2 is a remarkable creation by Mario Maker 2 player Helgefan, and the less you know going in the more impressive it will probably be. Punch in Level ID C81-8H4-RGG to find the stage, or you can watch the video above from YouTuber BeardBear if you don't have your Switch at the ready.

The calculator can add or subtract two numbers from zero to nine, and the entire calculation process takes about three and a half minutes. In that time Mario uses a Spiny shell helmet to select the numbers, chooses the "Plus" or "Minus" path, then stands absolutely still while an unfathomably complex tangle of operations unfold around him as he's carried through the level. Shells bounce, claws grab, and so, so many P-switches get tripped.

Finally, Mario is deposited next to a collection of Rotating Blocks in sort of a "broken digital clock" arrangement. Then a bunch of Bob-ombs float in, blow up parts of the block formation, and there it is! The answer to your mathematical query. The calculator even supports negative numbers, so you can subtract big numbers from little ones with gusto.

I don't know if all of the Rube Goldbergian bouncing chaos is actually necessary to the operation of the Chaos-Calculator, and frankly I don't want to know. The spectacle alone is worth the time investment.

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Connor Sheridan

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