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Super Mario Galaxy Cheats

  • Wii | Submitted by bloodliner123

    Infinite Lives

    Under the Kitchen dome stairs

    You know about the 1-up Mushroom under the stairs located at the bottom of the kitchen dome, right? Well, you get this Mushroom as many times as you want! Just follow the steps:

    1) Get the Mushroom
    2) Go inside the Kitchen Dome (you don't have to enter any of the galaxies)
    3) Exit the Kitchen dome
    4) The Mushroom will reappear! Get it!
    5) Repeat steps 1 through 4

    Keep doing this until you get as many lives as you want....

    Enjoy! :D

  • Wii | Submitted by Reese1235

    Green Stars?

    Yes there are Green power stars in the game. Here is how to get them:

    #1: Go to the Battle Rock Galaxy after you get Luigi's letter asking to go find him. he is where you found the first star. After you blast the cage with a Bullet Bill he will give you a green star.

    #2: Go to the Buoy Base Galaxy swim under water and have the fish Bullet Bill break the glass with the pipe inside. Go in the pipe and have a Bullet Bill break the other glass and get the star.

    #3: Go to the Dusty Dune Galaxy and do the 2nd star challenge. Somewhere you will find a hungry Luma. Feed it 20 starbits and it will transform into a new planet. Inside the planet you will have to get 5 transparent stars while the sand level rises and falls. When you get them all, the sand dissolves and the star is at the bottom.

  • Wii | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Super Mario Galaxy Video Guide

    Collect all of 120 Stars with our handy video guide!

  • Wii | Submitted by Yogo

    Bonus Stages in Demo

    Instead of pressing A+B at the main menu, hold A+B and 1+2 to unlock two bonus stages.

Super Mario Galaxy Glitches

  • Wii | Submitted by Shadow the Past

    Flying Into Two Galaxies

    Observatory Grounds

    First, make sure you have unlocked the Sweet Sweet Galaxy (which is the pink Luma that takes starbits by the Terrace.) Next, get the power-up in the observatory that makes you fly. (Unlocked at the Gate.) Now, talk to the Luma that takes you to the Sweet Sweet Galaxy. Tell him you want to go to the galaxy, and he will become a launch star, and the galaxy's entrance will appear in the sky. Now, don't go into the launch star, but instead get the flying power-up, and you can actually fly into the galaxy without using the launch star. (Please note this only works for Sweet Sweet Galaxy and the Sand Spiral Galaxy.)

  • Wii | Submitted by BlackLite

    Weird Glitches #2

    The Comet Observatory

    Go to were Rosalina stands at the comet observatory and you should see a map of the galaxies. Jump above it and try to get as close to the beacon as you can. Then slide down until it puts you into the rainbow bubble and if you did it correctly you will be under Rosalina and it will show her from under the wall

  • Wii | Submitted by BlackLite

    Weird Glitches #1

    The Comet Observatory

    First unlock the red star by beating the 2nd level of "The Gate" and it should appear in the garage of the comet observatory. Then fly to the opposite side of the comet observatory without touching the ground and once you are far away enough you will be in a bubble with a rainbow and you will fly through walls

  • Wii | Submitted by Shenron

    Weird Shadow

    Honey Hive Galaxy

    Heres what you do,first go find a bee mushroom and turn into bee Mario, then go behind a rock somewhere,and make sure the camera is facing the side of Mario. Then you will see a regular Mario shadow instead of bee Mario! Whats up with that!?

Super Mario Galaxy Hints

  • Wii | Submitted by BostonBalla14

    Luigi Locations

    Here's the Luigi Locations:

    1. Good Egg Galaxy in the Terrace
    2. Battlerock Galaxy in the Fountain.
    3. Honeyhive Galaxy in the Terrace.

  • Wii | Submitted by BostonBalla14

    20 lives

    Comet Observatory

    If you havn't gotton all 120 stars with Mario, don't read this. When you start with Luigi, after you get a couple of stars, look for the mailtoad. He will be in front of the green steps. If you talk to him when he has mail, you get a letter addressed to Mario. Mailtoad addresses that problem, then gives you 20 lives. Awesome!

  • Wii | Submitted by Blake

    Starting Boost When Racing Cosmic Mario

    Locations With Cosmic Comic

    When the countdown timer starts as you are racing Cosmic Mario, hold forward, then as it hits 2, hold down on Z to crouch, and when the race starts hit A right away and you will turn yellow for a few seconds and get a really good boost that will put you way ahead of Cosmic Mario.

  • Wii | Submitted by Has9

    Hint: Enemy Sacrifice


    Hint: Enemy Sacrifice
    This may be an obvious hint, but it's one worth stating nonetheless. When you fight most enemies, you can control what comes from their dead bodies when defeated (a sort of "sacrifice"). By jumping on an enemy, which is usually the more difficult way to kill most foes, a Coin will appear. Spin-killing or using other methods will usually result in a few Star Bits.

  • Wii | Submitted by Luigi's Biggest Fan

    Rescuing Luigi

    Haunted Mansion Galaxy

    Go inside and beat all Boo's in the Haunted Mansion. Light is their weakness so look for a lit chandelier. Get a Boo mushroom and go past the bars. Inside, Luigi is locked up with a Boo on guard. Do not lose your boo form. Get the Boo to see you, (I hate romance) let it chase you, and then lead it to the chandelier light. If you lose your Boo form, it's alright, just get the Boo mushroom in the corner. Go past the bars in the cell Luigi's not in, and then lose your boo form. This is because Luigi's afraid of Boos. In your normal form, talk to Luigi. He'll give you a power star.

  • Wii | Submitted by Hyperior

    Bonus Planetoid

    Dino Pirhana

    When in Dino Pirahna (Good Egg Galaxy) Notice right when you land on the second planet with all the rolling balls there is a green platform up to the right. Jump on it but be careful, it shrinks when you step on it. Jump and kill the piranha plant and get into his pipe. You enter in a planet with many blue switches. Step on each one once to open up more switches do the same thing here. After you do it here there will be a launch star to take you to the next planet.

  • Wii | Submitted by 8th57s

    Sweep Kick Combo

    This is very easy. Hold down Z and do a spin attack. That is the sweep kick. The combo in Z+Spin+A+Spin+Ground Slam. If pulled of correctly Mario should do a pose at the end of the slam.

  • Wii | Submitted by Mario Man

    "Cosmic" Ground Pound

    After learning the Star Spin

    This is might be a move not discovered by most people, but it is easy to do once you master it. This move starts off by doing a spin in midair. Then you ground pound the moment you start spinning. Mario should plummet toward the ground with force slightly targeting a enemy landing on his feet with his hands in the air. This move doesn't do any extra damage but it was just a new move not mentioned.

  • Wii | Submitted by lumpy 108

    10 free 1ups

    all around the main world

    You can get 10 free 1ups in the main world heres how.

    get 5 from mailtoad.
    get 1 in the box at the garage.
    get 1 underneath the gate dome.
    get 1 underneath the stairs in the kitchen.
    get 1 on the lower spining platform thing.
    get 1 on the very top of the world.

    p.s. you will need the red star to get some of these.

Super Mario Galaxy Unlockables

  • Wii | Submitted by A Person

    Purple Comets

    After you beat Bowser at the Galaxy Reactor and watch the credits, a message will say "The Purple Comet has appeared." Purple Comets make 100 (or sometimes 150) Purple Coins appear in the galaxy it is orbiting. Sometimes you are timed and sometimes you are not. These are the last 15 stars in the game and you should get them.

  • Wii | Submitted by Dave

    See Your Death Count

    The Grand Finale Galaxy, which is the secret galaxy that can be unlocked after 120 Stars are gathered with both Mario and Luigi, holds another secret.

    Once this final Star from the stage is acquired with both Mario and Luigi, you will be able to see how many times you died while playing through the game.

  • Wii | Submitted by gamefreakl1996

    I can fly!

    The Gate

    After you have beaten Bowser with Mario, go to the gate and step on to the little castle, go talk to Rosilina after, she will leave you with a red luma who will challenge you to collect 100 purple coins, if you collect every coin you will get a red star and the ability to fly around the main area.

  • Wii | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Unlock Luigi

    Collect all 120 stars and fight Bowser again by speaking to Rosalina on the Comet Observatory. Wait for the credits to end and you'll see a message saying the Luigi is now playable.

  • Wii | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Grand Finale Galaxy and Star 121

    Play through the game with Luigi and collect all 120 stars. Beating Bowser again unlocks Grand Finale Galaxy, which is the festival from the beginning of the game. To get star 121 collect 100 purple coins in this galaxy.

Super Mario Galaxy Easter Eggs

  • Wii | Submitted by dave

    All coconuts become watermelons.

    Collect 9999 star bits in the hub to turn all coconuts into watermelons.