Super Dragon Ball Z Cheats

Super Dragon Ball Z Hints

  • PS2 | Submitted by Luis Vasquez

    How to Get Skill Icons

    In original and Z-Survivor mode you see sometimes that computers have symbols or you don't have your ultimate move. That's because you need to skill up (this requires a character card). To do this you need to fill up the experience bar until you see an orange square on the radar, then go to customize. Click on your character card and then press train new skill. You have to pick a skill, and be wise about what you pick, because after you pick it it's there permanantly.

    There are three type of skills move: (green) which gives you a new technique; (blue) which gives you a boost on attack, defense or action gauge; and (system) which does something to your attacks or action gauge.

    When you have all blackspaces with icons you cannot skill up anymore.

  • PS2 | Submitted by jose mulino

    Super Kamehameha

    The same as the kamehameha, except instead of pressing Down Down Right Right once, you do the sequence twice, then press Triangle.

  • PS2 | Submitted by jose


    To do a Kamehameha, press Down, Down, Right, Right, Triangle really fast. Keep the triangle pressed to charge up the kamehameha.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Warptap

    Easily Defeat the Easier AIs

    The easiest way to win any battle is to repeatedly use the strong Homing attack (R2). Catch your opponent off guard as soon as the fight begins, and continue to attack with R2 until you're movement gauge is depleted. Even if they block a few, eventually they'll let down their guard. While you're waiting for your movement gauge to refill, use your special attacks and fire ki attacks toward them. Once you can go back to using the Homing attack, start pounding them again.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Treemap

    Gain Dragon Balls, BP quickly

    If all you want to do is quickly grab some Dragon Balls, in the Game Settings, set the game to easy, the damage to high, and the rounds to one. It shouldn't be too hard to power through Original mode and collect all seven relatively quickly. Trying to collect them in VSurvivor is really more of a hassle.

    A quick way to get BP for any character is to play one character in Original or Survivor until you've got him up to around 1 million BP- try doing the same thing I mentioned to do for collecting dragon balls. Once you have a pretty powerful character, go into versus mode and select the character you want to level up as player one, and the powerful character as player two. Pound your powerful character into the ground round after round to gain a decent amount of exp each time. The downsides: It's tedious, so you might just want to play the Original and VSurvivor modes so you can actually enjoy it, and your powerful character will lose some BP at the end of each fight. However, if you just want the exp, this is one way to do it.

Super Dragon Ball Z Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by Warptap


    Stat Upgrades
    Available in “Your wish has been granted.”

    Power to drain energy: available from start
    Give me ultimate power: available from start
    I want more stamina: available from start
    Show my full potential: available from start
    I want burning rage: available from start
    want to move faster: Unlocks as you progress through the skill tree
    I want more energy: Unlocks as you progress through the skill tree

    Inherited Moves
    Available in “Your wish has been granted.”

    Learn my RivalÂ’s super: available from start
    Yamcha's Rouga Fufu-ken/Wolf Fang Fist: Inherit a move from another character in the character customization screen
    Learn NappaÂ’s move: Have a draw match

    Available in “Your wish has been granted.”

    Train like I used to!: available from start
    Dragon, Please change my name: available from start
    Show my true power.: available from start
    Be Good with Girls: Finish ZSurvivor w/ Kuririn
    A new color clothes.: available from start
    New Alt. Costume: Unlock a new color
    New Model Scouter: Obtain over 1 million BP
    Final Model Scouter: Obtain over 5 million BP
    Learn the Ultimate move.: Beat Original mode without losing a battle

    Player Character
    Available in “Your wish has been enhanced.”

    I want to use Majin Vegeta: available from start
    I want to use King Piccolo: available from start
    I want to use Ultimate Gohan: available from start
    I want to use Videl: Appears the ninth time Shenron is summoned. (possibly sooner)
    I want to use Cyborg Frieza: Appears the eleventh time Shenron is summoned.(possibly sooner)

    Narration Voice
    Available in “Your wish has been enhanced.”

    VegetaÂ’s call: Available from start
    King PiccoloÂ’s call: Available from start
    GokuÂ’s call: Available from start
    Majin BooÂ’s Call: Clear Original Mode w/ Majin Boo
    VidelÂ’s Call: Clear Original Mode w/ Videl

    Available in “Your wish has been enhanced.”

    Change wallpaper: Enter Up, Triangle, Down X, L1, Square, R1, O at the start screen
    Go to the world of the Kais: Beat Original Mode 5 times