Sunday Link-a-Mania

Evening folks. A quiet weekend here as we segue into midsummer, but there's plenty of SF to go around. Here are just a few of sci-fi's quirkier stories this grey Father's Day:

Bring back Galactica 1980
Io9 is reporting that writer Marc Guggenheim and comic publisher Dynamite Entertainment are reimagining the original BSG spin-off (in which the Galactica reaches Earth in 1980 and sends agents down to look after super-powered children undercover in LA) in comic form. Marc Guggenheim previously co-wrote the Green Lantern film and produced the new Flash Forward TV series. Galactica 1980 #1 will be released in August.

Bring back Teen Wolf
Another blast from the past - is '80s werewolf comedy Teen Wolf about to get the remake treatment? Den of Geek reports MovieHole as saying that the original film is now owned by Warner Bros, and that studio is keen to explore a possible reboot - they're apparently on the hunt for writers.

Marvel's best covers ever
Over at the Marvel website they're starting to unveil the top 70 covers in Marvel history as voted on by the readers! The number one cover of all-time will be revealed next weekend on 26 June, but you can start checking out the list now. Do you have a favourite? Remember, we still want to hear who your favourite super heroes are .

Pixar wish
Lastly, for now: the nice people at Pixar granted a dying girl's wish to see Up last week. Colby Curtin, a 10-year-old with a rare form of liver cancer, hoped to see Up before she died, and a family friend asked Pixar to help - they flew a copy of the new film to her home on 10 June for a private viewing. An employee also brought stuffed animals and a poster. Sadly Colby died about seven hours after seeing the film, but she did get to see it.

And on that note, farewell - see you tomorrow.

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