Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is the next project for Batman: Arkham dev Rocksteady

(Image credit: Rocksteady)

The developer of Batman: Arkham Knight has finally revealed its next game –Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

The Rocksteady Games Twitter account shared a teaser image for the project, telling fans to expect more news at the online DC FanDome event set for August 22. The image shows a character who looks quite a bit like Superman turned away from the camera, with a Suicide Squad logo set over his head like crosshairs.

But why would a Suicide Squad game feature Superman on its first teaser poster? On closer inspection, the patchy, purplish skin and sparking eyes could give it away: we might not be looking at Superman here, but instead the villainous Bizarro. He would make much more sense as a poster child for the game, since the premise of Suicide Squad from the comics (and the lukewarmly received 2016 film) is that it's a motley crew of imprisoned villains who are temporarily released to perform undesirable and dangerous missions.

This is the first time Rocksteady has officially acknowledged its next project since it released Batman: Arkham Knight in 2015 and Batman: Arkham VR in 2016. Since then, rumors have swirled of their next project, including whispers of a Superman game that became so prominent Rocksteady had to confirm that he wasn't the star of the studio's next project. Doing the Superman/Bizarro fakeout on this poster is probably a little wink to all that speculation.

After years of uncertainty, Rocksteady's path did finally seem set when online domain registrations for Suicide Squad websites (including one for were traced back to the studio in June. Now we only have to wait until August 22 to see more of its long awaited project.

There's a good chance we'll get our first look at the new Batman project from WB Montreal at DC FanDome too.

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