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Rocksteady is reportedly making a Suicide Squad game

(Image credit: DC)

Batman Arkham developer Rocksteady is reportedly working on a Suicide Squad game. 

New domains related to Suicide Squad surfaced over the weekend, as one ResetEra (opens in new tab) user spotted. The first, registered June 16, is simply SuicideSquadGame. The second, more descriptive domain was registered June 17:

These domains are curious, but ordinarily they wouldn't raise too much suspicion, especially with no clear link to Rocksteady in their data (apart from shared registrar MarkMonitor). However, Eurogamer (opens in new tab) corroborated these domains, and reports that the latter may even be the final title - and indeed the running theme - for a new Suicide Squad game in the works at Rocksteady. 

In a separate but similar vein, a domain for was also spotted online. According to Eurogamer, this is reportedly attached to the new, unannounced Batman game in the works at Warner Bros. Montreal. The studio has been teasing a new Batman game (opens in new tab) for months, and Warner Bros. was reportedly planning to reveal the game at E3 2020 (opens in new tab)

With E3 cancelled and events scattered all over the summer, WB Montreal's Gotham Knights and Rocksteady's Suicide Squad game are now reportedly set to be revealed - as next-gen projects, no less - at the big DC show coming in August (opens in new tab). It's worth remembering that neither of these games have been publicly confirmed by their respective developers, but the bread crumbs are really piling up now. After months of teases and rumors, we should get an announcement soon enough. 

The DC Fandome, scheduled for August 22, is set to become DC's biggest online event ever, with major players from TV, games, comics, and movies, including a potential return for Watchmen (opens in new tab).

Austin Wood
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