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Warner Bros. Games was reportedly planning to reveal new Harry Potter and Batman games at E3 2020

(Image credit: WB Montreal)

E3 2020 has officially been cancelled, and the reveals and presentations that were meant to wow us this June cancelled along with it - including a newcomer to the E3 scene, Warner Bros. Games.

According to Kotaku, WB Games planned to host its first-ever E3 press conference this year, likely to discuss the new Batman title, a previously leaked Harry Potter game, and the next game in production by Rocksteady Studios, the team behind the Arkham games. 

As GamesRadar+ previously reported, the next Batman game is meant to be a "soft reboot" of Rocksteady's Batman Arkham franchise due out later in 2020. The alleged plan was for the title to kick off a cohesive DC Game Universe, with Rocksteady's own next-gen game eventually taking over for WB Montreal. The next Batman game has been teased by WB Montreal since September 2019, with the studio tweeting "Capture the Knight / Cape sur la nuit" along with cryptic images. This January, the studio sent out a handful of images that, when compiled together, appeared to form some sort of sigil.

As for WB Games' Harry Potter title, it appears to be an open-world RPG that leaked back in October 2018. The footage has since been removed from YouTube, but according to a Reddit user, the game included Unforgivable spells and was set in the 1800s. 

There's no word yet on whether Warner Bros. will hold a digital event, as Xbox and Ubisoft have already committed to hosting. We'll keep you updated.

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