Suicide Squad comic-book adap to be directed by David Ayer?

Fury and End Of Watch director David Ayer has reportedly been approached by Warner Bros to direct comic-book adaptation Suicide Squad .

The DC comic follows a band of super-villains who are sent out on an impossible mission that should result in their demise.

Could this be Warner Bros' answer to Sinister Six (already in the works over at Sony)? It certainly looks that way, though you shouldn't expect to see any of DC's big-name baddies populating the Suicide Squad.

Members in the comics included Captain Boomerang and Deadshot, and the current squad includes Harley Quinn (above), aka Joker's girlfriend, aka a character fans have been desperate to see on the big screen for years .

Though Ayer's involvement is yet to be confirmed, Suicide Squad is just the latest comic-book movie the WB has shown interest in – the studio's four-year plan was leaked in June 2014, with Wonder Woman, Justice League, Sandman and Shazam all due big-screen outings.

With 20th Century Fox increasing its X-Men output (Deadpool movie due 2016), Sony concentrating on Sinister Six , and Marvel entering Phase 3, comic-book movies are still big business.

But it seems like the WB is finally catching up with a raft of awesome projects on the way.

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