Suicidal ad campaign planned for Wristcutters...

You might not have heard of Wristcutters: A Love Story yet, but Daily Mail readers can expect to be bored to the back-teeth of it by the time it arrives in cinemas later this year.

And for once, it’s not the content that’ll get ‘em up in arms - though, considering the fact it’s a dark comedy set in a limbo populated by teens who have committed suicide, we don’t think they’ll be overjoyed by it - but the fly poster campaign.

Remember how the right-wing press reacted to The Rules Of Attraction’s infamous cuddly-toys-going-at-it poster?

Well, Wristcutters - which, like Attraction, is being distributed by Lionsgate - features a series of cardboard cut-outs depicting teens in various suicidal acts (including jumping off a bridge, electrocution and hanging), which, obviously, is a touch edgier than two cuddly rabbits adopting the missionary position.

The film will be released in the States by AfterDark Films through their Lionsgate output deal. AfterDark partner Courtney Soloman was quick to see the potential problem in a campaign that will see posters placed on telephone poles and trees across America. "We just hope they don't cause too many accidents," he said.

The film itself has a sterling cast - Patrick Fugit, Shannyn Sossamon, Will Arnett and Tom Waits – and an intriguing plot; let’s hope Alan Partridge’s favourite paper doesn’t put people off it…

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