Street Fighter 5 CG trailer sets the stage for next week's launch

The Street Fighter games are more than a bunch of colorful strangers punching each other, y'know. There's history and rivalries between these characters. Just think: who would Ryu be without Ken? Cammy without M. Bison? And though Street Fighter 5 players will have to wait until June for the game's full-fledged story mode, you can get a hint of the larger plot thanks to a new CG trailer:

Despite being the highest-numbered of the series, Street Fighter 5 actually takes place after Street Fighter 4 and before Street Fighter 3 (the full order being Street Fighter Alpha, SF2, SF4, SF5, SF3). It's useful then, that this trailer brings back some old faces while introducing the new fighters. And if you see someone you don't recognize, there's a handy Street Fighter 5 roster all put together for you.

Of course, if you don't care about any of that, that's fine too. PS4 and PC players can look forward to throwing down, regardless of context, on February 16. And if "Street Fighter 5" is a little plain for you, why not make your own ludicrous subtitle?

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Sam Prell

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