"Best Dad Ever" earns his special mug by re-enacting Street Fighter 2 victory poses

You've seen the guy who can bust out all of Tekken's seemingly impossible moves, now watch a suburban dad's take on the Dhalsim dance. YouTuber Nick Luciano's dad gives the whole Street Fighter 2 Turbo roster the old college try, from Guile's obsessive hair combing to Chun Li's gleeful giggling, and it's just wonderful.

It's also the best possible follow-up to the father-son duo's Super Smash Bros. taunt re-enactments, both of which went up a few months ago. In case you haven't yet experienced the joy of a man in his golden years twirling around like Zero Suit Samus, here you go.

I think we have our Video Game Re-Enacting Dad of the Year discussions pretty well sorted at this point.

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