Stray is an upcoming PS5 game about a cat living among robots

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Announced at today's PlayStation Future of Gaming stream, Stray is an upcoming PS5 game starring a cat lost in a neon-lit future where robots have taken over.

The game was conceived by BlueTwelve founders Viv and Koola over a pint of beer, starting as a concept called HK_Project from which you might've seen a few GIFs. In an article on the PlayStation Blog, Viv breaks down the inspiration behind the game and its prancing, pouncing little hero. Check out the enchanting teaser trailer below:

"Kowloon Walled City kept coming up in our discussions. Such a unique, organic place was fascinating to us. We thought it was a great basis for a universe, but it really clicked when we realized: 'What a better playground than Kowloon for… a cat!' The concept was crazy enough for us to move forward, so we rented a flat together and started working on what was called Project_HK at the time."

It honestly sounds like just the sort of conversation that would happen over drinks on a sunny Summer day in France, and we're all the better for it, because Stray looks delightful. It's not really clear what the feline's objectives are - the robots slumping around the streets and inside buildings appear utterly indifferent to the cat's existence - but Viv suggested there will be elements of stealth, puzzle-solving, and "fast-paced" action.

"It is also a very unique point of view for an adventure game. Exploring the strange world we are building feels really fresh when you’re sneaking under a car, or walking the rooftops with the inhabitants below unaware of your presence. Or if you want them to be aware, you can just meow endlessly to annoy them."

That last part feels like an attack on my cat and every cat I've ever met. Anyway, Stray is coming to PS5 and PC sometime in 2021.

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