Stranglehold video blast

Tuesday 5 September 2006
This latest video of the Chow Yun Fat-starring, super-frantic blaster Stranglehold offers us a snatched glimpse of a new batch of levels and a chance to see Inspector Tequila's whirling special moves - like the Tequila bomb we saw in our latest hands-on - in fully flowing motion. Tap that cursor on the movies tab above to get the party started.

Packed with balletic, bullet-spitting action, Stranglehold - which is set for a PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 release in 2007 - was easily the most impressive game we got to play at the recent Leipzig Game Convention, and if we don't get some more Tequila time pretty soon we're going to go stir crazy. And you can quote us on that. We'll have more on Stranglehold's guns-out adventure soon.