Stranglehold trailer blazer

The 40-cigarettes-a-day voiceover man says about Stranglehold: "One hard boiled cop is caught between upholding the law and doing what's right..." and, as this spanking new trailer for the game shows, that means blasting seven bells of sweet and sour out of anything within a 30foot radius of Inspector Tequila. Kung-fu slap the Movies tab, launch the video player and select the film enititled "Stranglehold - trailer 01-22-07" to revel in the ballet of bullets.

With gun fu movie director John Woo lording over the project, Stranglehold promises to keep gamers gripped with relentless, over-the-top cinematic action, slo-mo diving through the air, elegant Beretta tickling and plenty of blood sauce. Oh, and expect Woo's trademark doves to put in a fluttery appearance.

We're going to be enjoying anotherhands-onsession with Stranglehold real soon, so stay tuned for an update on how Woo's awesome-looking crime fighter is shaping up.

January 22, 2007