Stranglehold - hands-on

Special attacks known as Tequila Bombs are used to mix up the action. Tequila Time (as opposed to Hammer Time) allows you to fire in real time while the rest of the world slows down. One-shot kills and spray attacks also add variety. Still, it felt more satisfying and authentic when we were blazing trails of death with twin 45s.

The demo we played at Midway Gamers Day was an enjoyable and rivetingexcursion intodestroying priceless museum artifacts and killing white people. But we've been told the game is much more than that - you'll get to kill Chinese and Russians as well.

Stranglehold looks like it'll successfully blend the over-the-top style of John Woo with Midway Chicago's physics wizardry. And if all goes as planned, the result will be an outrageously action-packed game with the most thrilling gun fights you've ever seen in a videogame.