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Stranger Things' Eleven tried out for Logan's X-23, and says it's the best audition she's ever had

Logan (opens in new tab)'s version of X-23 was played (superbly) by Dafne Keen, but the little girl clone of Wolverine almost had a more familiar face: Millie Bobby Brown, AKA Eleven from Stranger Things (opens in new tab). In a video interview with Variety, the young actress talked about her audition for the role, calling it her best audition ever:

"The best audition for me was Wolverine. I went in for Logan," Brown said. "It meant so much to me. I was filming Stranger Things, and I was like, 'This is gonna be amazing, I'm gonna really prepare.' And I sat in my room reading the lines, and honestly, for me, I felt so… I felt [like] an actor. In the audition room, hitting Hugh Jackman, and James Mangold sitting right in front of me! I was like, 'Oh my goodness!'"

You can see the excitement and genuine enthusiasm in her face as she recounts the story, chuckling at the thought of punching Jackman - which also makes me wonder: just how many slugs to the arm did he take throughout all this?

I admit it's hard for me to imagine Brown as the ferocious X-23 after seeing her as the (admittedly powerful, but also loving and kinda sad) Eleven. Speaking of, judging by these promo images (opens in new tab) and trailer (opens in new tab), Stranger Things season 2 (opens in new tab) is gonna be something to look forward to.

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