"S**tposting is a blessing and a curse," say GTA 6 community mods in a futile bid to weed out silliness

GTA 6 trailer screenshots
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Before the long and arduous road to GTA 6 continues, moderators on the game's subreddit have attempted to crack down on the swamp of shitposts that have become more and more common in recent months. But the attempt doesn't seem to be massively successful. 

"Shitposting is both a blessing and a curse," writes one moderator on the GTA 6 subreddit. "It can be fun but it also distracts from valuable discussion." The note continues to explain that the subreddit wants to focus on those "valuable discussions," which is why future shitposts are now banned. 

To provide a digital refuge for the otherwise silly, nonsensical, and downright distracting posts that might crop up, the moderators have created an all-new subreddit called r/okbuddyalligator, which I'm guessing is a reference to the killer gators that infest real-life Florida, also known as Vice City. 

The new subreddit already has all the stretched pictures of cats, head-scratching questions, and 'flaming lobster plays basketball with shark' art that you would expect. But that hasn't stopped shitposts from spawning in the main subreddit either. As of the time of writing, at least one post has outlined reasons why protagonists Lucia and Jason are not siblings, which should be more than obvious to anyone who saw the couple in action in GTA 6's record-breaking debut trailer

Thoughtful discussion and mindless fun will probably multiply in the months leading up to the GTA 6 release. Online snoopers already have theories about the second trailer based on braille and key art. Meanwhile, one industry analyst recently explained that many studios are just trying to "survive 2024" amid mass layoffs, before GTA 6 inevitably sells like hotcakes and gets venture capitalists excited again. 

GTA 6 is coming in 2025, so check out the new games on the horizon in the meantime.

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