Storm is regal and raging as she protects Planet Arakko in SWORD #10

SWORD #10 page
SWORD #10 page (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Storm is no pushover as regent of Planet Arakko, the terraformed mutant planet formerly known as Mars. And as she deals with the villains of the Lethal Legion on her new home planet in SWORD #10, so too are the agents of the mutant space agency known as SWORD dealing with their own crisis aboard the Peak space station.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

There's been a traitor lurking in the ranks of SWORD for some time now, and as of SWORD #10, the mole who has been betraying the team to Orchis will be revealed once and for all. Who is the traitor? Well, we'll find out with everyone else when SWORD #10 releases on November 17.

Along with the reveal of the traitor, SWORD #10 features a team up between the Peak's resident tech expert, Wiz Kid, and the space station's head of security, the newly returned adult version of Cable, who replaced his teen counterpart in the role.

SWORD has been a key part of the X-Men line since the title launched, with the mutant agency directly helping create Planet Arakko during this past summer's 'Hellfire Gala' event, which invited humans to Krakoa, and revealed the world-altering power that mutantkind has cultivated.

Before the issue is out, we've got a preview of interior pages from SWORD #10 by writer Al Ewing and artist Jacopo Camagni, as well as both covers from Stefano Caselli and InHyuk Lee, respectively:

At the same time, SWORD and Planet Arakko have remained somewhat removed from the crisis unfolding on Krakoa in the title Inferno, which is dividing the mutants of Krakoa into factions.

Look for SWORD #10 beginning November 17.

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