A storm is brewing in first clip from The Martian

The first full clip has appeared online from The Martian in which Matt Damon’s merry band of astronauts find themselves on a collision course with a dauntingly powerful space-storm… and decide to head out onto Mars’ surface regardless.

The new clip is suitably tense, forecasting the freakish conditions that lead to Damon’s abandonment on the Red Planet, as plans to evacuate and dodge the storm soon go south. It’s nice to see our man as part of an ensemble here, as he’s going to be spending a long time alone.

Check out the new clip below.

Should probably have stayed on board, Matt, it looks pretty rough out there. Directed by Ridley Scott and co-starring Jessica Chastain, Kate Mara and Kristen Wiig, The Martian will open in the UK on September 30 2015 and the US two days later.

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George Wales

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