Still hope for Dark Tower and Lone Ranger movies

It seemed that both The Dark Tower and The Lone Ranger films were dead in the water but there might be life left in those projects after all.

Director Ron Howard and producer Brian Grazer are currently trying to find new Hollywood funding for The Dark Tower , after Universal dropped the project.

Part of the problem seems to be Howard's busy schedule, as he has both Rush (about racing driver Niki Lauda) and Spy Vs. Spy (adapted from Mad Magazine) on his radar.

"The soonest we could do it would be June next year," Grazer told the New York Post .

Meanwhile, The Lone Ranger could be back on track if director Gore Verbinksi can drastically reduce the proposed $250m budget.

It seems that CGI werewolves have already been cut from the script – although surely they were only in there in the first place because of the tenuous link with the Lone Ranger's silver bullets?

However, The Hollywood Reporter has suggested that Disney may start over from scratch and hand The Lone Ranger to someone other than Pirates director Verbinksi, which would obviously delay things further.