Stephen Norrington and the new Clash Of The Titans

It’s been a long stretch for Stephen Norrington, seemingly locked up in Director’s Prison since inflicting The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen on us all.

But he’s back and he’s been handed some more source material in the form of the long gestating of the Clash Of The Titans remake. In another blast from the past, Lawrence Kasdan has penned the latest draft of the script, making this his first re-write job since, er, The Empire Strikes Back.

Warners is trying to gear up a shooting start for next year and we’re pretty certain that the effects –Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion beasties are the main reason anyone fondly remembers the 1981 original – will be handed over to the digital wizards.

The plot – adapted from the Greek myths – finds our hero Perseus battling the Kraken and Medusa to save Princess Andromeda. He’s aided (in the original at least) by a distinctly non-mythical clockwork owl. There’s no word on whether the owl will make it into the new version, but we do know his agent is trying to negotiate at least a cameo role for the princely sum of 50 crates of Castrol GTX and a signed photo of Tik-Tok from Return To Oz.

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