Step Up 2 The Streets review

As any Dirty Dancing fan knows, the steps aren’t enough – you’ve got to feel the music. Sadly, you won’t be feeling much while watching this cash-in on the sleeper hoofing hit Step Up. Street-dancer Andie (newcomer and mini Demi Moore-alike Briana Evigan) enrolls at a swanky performing arts school only to find love and... oh, come on, you know the routine. A handful of impressive, rain-drenched dance sequences aside, this is a soulless clodhopper rather than a twinkle-toed treat: insipid direction, atrocious acting, a schizophrenic score (dialogue-blitzing big strings compete with hip-hop)… Even an awkward cameo from the usually charismatic Channing Tatum can’t add some much-needed star quality. “This ain’t High School Musical,” an unconvincing DJ tells us. Ah, if only.

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