Steam survey suggests more players are using gaming PCs with over 1TB storage

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It’s no secret that new releases take up more storage space than ever, but the latest Steam survey implies most players are using drives over 1TB. While stats for February don’t delve into whether people are keeping their games on a modern SSD or a traditional hard drive, they do show a shift away from 500GB solutions. 

Building a gaming PC in 2024 normally means at least considering the best SSD for gaming. Not only do system requirements for many new releases explicitly list using solid state for installation, but on a hardware basis, you’ll find that most motherboards are designed to accommodate a M.2 drive as standard. That said, capacity is just as much of an issue as today, and considering the likes of Call of Duty can take up over 200GB on their own, opting for a fast and small drive is arguably no longer viable. 

If you have a peek at Steam Hardware Survey results for February 2024, you’ll see that players using SSD of hard drive over 1TB increased by 4.59%. The jump brings the number of sampled builds using larger storage to 56.57%, with every other range taking a dip compared to previous months. Notably, only 18.25% of users are seemingly using drives between 250GB and 499GB, while just 3% are rocking something with between 500GB and 749GB.

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Even without the jump in users this month, over 1TB would have accounted for over 50% of drives using Steam. However, the increases are significant, as they suggest that using storage in the gigabytes is becoming a thing of the past. Of course, Steam Hardware Survey results aren’t infallible, and the figures could be simply down to this ground of sampled players using larger hard drives and SSDs by chance. Nevertheless, It’s not what I’d call a small jump, and I suspect we’ll see more rigs with chonky capacity being used to run games throughout the year.

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