Steam for Mac: Must-have launch games

A new era in gaming begins today, with Valve’s rollout ofSteam for Mac (opens in new tab). To get you started, the universe’s mostreferenced game ever, Portal, is FREE until May 24! That goes for PC users too, so go get you some! But don’t stop there. There are plenty of games you’ll almost certainly want to definitely check out on the new service. Really. And with weekly updates, you’ll have plenty to distract you from the brilliant artsy crap you do on your Mac. Here are some of our favorites.

Torchlight - $9.99

Dungeon crawler Torchlight is a Diablo-esque romp that will scratch the loot itch. Best of all, it's half off until next Monday!

Civ IV - $19.99

Sid Meier's civilization simulator, and its expansions, offer millenia worth of world-building fun. The Civilization series has always shown the love to Mac gamers, so love it right back by grabbing Civ IV on Steam.

Braid - $9.99

Braid is a stunningly beautiful moving painting of a puzzle-platformer that is sure to be a hit with the arty Mac crowd.The player manipulates the flow of time in ways that surprise and delight.

Loom - $4.99

Go old-school with Loom, a musical adventure game put out by LucasArts back in 1990. Learn note patterns to master spells and help the Guild of Weavers deter the Apocalypse.

The Dig - $4.99

Another LucasArts joint from back in the day, The Dig is and adventure throwbackbased on a concept by Steven Spielberg and features dialog written by Orson Scott Card and Sean Clarke. Eerily, the story presages Heavens Gate as it is about a meteor that is actually a spaceship. Cultalicious!

World of Goo - $19.99

Indie darling World of Goo isa delightfully weird and endlessly inventive puzzle/construction game involving millions of oblivious - and apparently, tasty - Goo Balls.

Telltale Steam Play Pack - $29.99

With the Telltale Steam Play Pack, you get the complete Tales of Monkey Island pack, and five episodes of Sam & Max: The Devil's Playground(four of which are yet to be released.) That's a whole lot of irreverent wackiness for 30 boners.

May 12, 2010