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Steam adds Early Access category

Calling all test subjects: Steam has added an Early Access category to its storefront made just for games in alpha and beta.

"But GamesRadar," you roar, "why on earth would I want to buy a bunch of games that are probably half broken and filled with programmer art?!"

Well, they're often cheaper, for one; as is the case with the $33 Arma 3 Alpha. Other notable Early Access titles include Kerbal Space Program, Prison Architect, and Drunken Robot Pornography (we didn't make that last one up, that would be unethical).

The Steam presence also smooths out the patchy-by-design nature of in-development games, with updates streaming down automatically. And of course, devoted players can provide plenty of feedback on each game's progress with Steam's built-in community pages.

Coupled with productivity tools and the (admittedly imperfect) Steam Greenlight, the service is becoming a one-stop shop for creating and playing PC games.

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