Starfield's most essential mod, the Community Patch, is finally here and already has dozens of fixes

Starfield cockpit
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As with most Bethesda games before it, the Starfield bugs that haven't been addressed by official patches are getting fixed by a group of modders, and the very first Starfield Community Patch is finally here.

The Starfield Community Patch version 0.0.1 recently went live on Nexus Mods, and already features dozens of fixes. You can see the full changelog over on the patch website, but some of the most notable improvements include a correction to make many of the skill ranks actually apply the bonuses they're supposed to.

There are also fixes to make sure your Starfield companions no longer get mad at you for boarding hostile ships, to make sure they properly comment on your appearance changes, and to make sure Neon Security no longer falsely accuses you of having a bounty. There are also an array of typo corrections for various bits of dialog across the English and German versions of the game.

The 30-some-odd fixes included in this first version of the patch are just the tip of the iceberg, as the modders behind the Community Patch revealed last month that they've identified over 240 issues to fix - and that number has since grown into the 300s. The devs have been preparing for this patch since before Starfield even launched, and it's safe to expect its scope to continue to grow.

Similar Community Patch projects for games like Skyrim and Fallout 4 have been absolutely essential mods for those games, to the point where PC players can't imagine playing without them. The Starfield Community Patch is likely to be much the same.

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