Starfield Premium Edition bonuses offer up DLC and early access

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Starfield's full pre-order bonuses for every edition have been revealed.

Starting off with the base edition, anyone who pre-orders Starfield will gain access to the Old Mars Skin Pack. This pack offers a special Laser Cutter weapon and tool for you to use throughout the game, and also offers up a Deep Mining helmet, and a Deep Mining backpack.

Next up, there's the fancy Digital Premium Edition of Starfield. The headline feature of this edition is that it'll actually offer you five days of early access for Starfield before standard edition players, meaning that if you shell out for this edition, you can begin playing Starfield on September 1.

Additionally, it'll also include the first Starfield story expansion. Yes, Starfield isn't even out yet and Bethesda is already looking ahead to the post-launch expansions and DLC. We don't have many details to go on for the expansion right now, but we do know it'll be called 'Shattered Space,' which sounds pretty ominous.

The Digital Premium Edition will also offer up the Constellation Skin Pack, and the Starfield soundtrack and art book as digital extras. Considering the massive amount of time and effort that goes into Bethesda games behind the scenes over the years, that art book could well be worth getting your hands on.

Starfield finally launches later this year on September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X/S, or five days earlier if you get the Digital Premium Edition. 

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Hirun Cryer

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